What is a GMT Master? And How Do You Set it Up?

Position 0

– Position 0is the crown fully screwed in, where it should always be when not setting the time to ensure the watch stays water resistant.

Position 1

– Position 1 is the position that the crown naturally pops into once unscrewed. This position allows for manual winding, but not the adjustment of any hands.

Position 2

– Position 2 is when the crown is pulled out to the first notch. This gives control over the main hour hand, which jumps forwards or backwards in one-hour increments. Additionally, the date window will change forwards or backward as the hour hand passes midnight; however, it is worth noting that Rolex GMT-Master II watches don’t have a Quickset date function, which would give the ability to change the day of the month in the three o’clock window by just turning the crown.

Position 3

– Position 3 is when the crown is pulled all the way out, and provides access to the traditional time-setting functions, where the seconds hand stops and both hour hands plus the minute hand can be adjusted either forwards or backwards by rotating the crown.

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